GMI’s mission is to foster healthy and welcoming communities, to promote a just and sustainable economy, to enhance the area’s arts programs, to protect and restore our natural landscapes, and to support a vital future for all generations of the Greater Milan Community.

GMI owns and operates the old Milan school building, which serves as the greater Milan area’s community center. Our focus is on nurturing a strong sense of community for the residents of Milan, by:

Providing a common gathering place for people of all ages and backgrounds

Creating opportunities for children and families to learn and play together

Enabling educational, artistic, and entrepreneurial talents to flourish

GMI is funded through private donations, revenue-generating services (space rental, store, fitness center, etc) and community fundraising. Additionally, we have been honored as recipents of multiple grants to support the work we do through our programs.






Empowerment: We are deeply connected with our community. We commit to allowing individual voices to guide our work, and to doing whatever it takes to help our community  thrive.

Joy: We believe every person deserves to have joy in their life. We create opportunities for youth and families to have fun, recognizing that joy is the key that unlocks positive development and brighter futures.

Collaboration: We collaborate and build community through partnerships founded on integrity and trust. By working together we can achieve something bigger than we could alone.

Respect: We root ourselves in our shared humanity and treat each other with kindness and compassion. We’re at our best when we honor the equal dignity and worth of all people.

Preserving Our Heritage

In late 2006, LQPV School District conducted a series of community meetings focused on the possibility of closing one of the local elementary schools due to declining enrollment. Since Milan had the smallest elementary population at that time, it was decided to close the Milan school. 
Members of the Milan community rallied the school board to ensure the school building stayed in the community’s hands. Milan had invested much time, money and effort into the building since it was built and wanted to have at least some say in what happened to it. The Greater Milan Initiative was formed in mid-2007 and purchased the building from the school district in August 2007.
Though it is no longer a public school, it continues to serve many functions that a school serves in any community as an education, recreation and community hub. GMI runs a number of community initiatives within the school, including a community fitness center, Full Circle Thrift Shop, youth and children’s educational and afterschool programing, and much more!

Supporting the greater milan initiative

As a non-profit we rely on donations to support our work and mission 

We are bringing people together to make great things happen 

Community collaboration is fundamental to the work we do

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