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Supporting the arts

At GMI, we hold a firm belief that the arts have the power to change the world, one community at a time. By supporting local artists and arts organizations, we are taking action to bring our mission to life and make a positive impact in our community. The arts have a unique ability to shape economic development, fuel cultural vibrancy, and preserve our shared heritage for generations to come.

Through our support for the arts, we strive to create vibrant, thriving communities where creativity is encouraged, celebrated, and deeply integrated into daily life. By investing in our local artists and arts organizations, we are not only supporting the arts themselves, but also promoting economic growth and job creation, while also enriching the cultural fabric of our community.

GMI is committed to using the arts as a tool for positive change and growth. Together, we can continue to harness the transformative power of the arts and build a better future for our communities.

Milan Village Arts School

The Milan Village Arts School is a nonprofit organization based in Milan, Minnesota that offers arts education and programming for people of all ages. The school’s mission is to provide access to quality arts education, foster creativity and self-expression, and build community through the arts. 

The school also hosts events, workshops, and exhibitions, and works with local organizations to provide arts education to their community. The Milan Village Arts School is dedicated to making the arts accessible and inclusive for everyone, regardless of age, ability, or background.

Village arts at the old school

Framing Studio

The Milan Village Arts School Framing Studio, located at GMI, provides a unique opportunity for students and artists to professionally frame their artwork. Equipped with a computerized Wizard mat cutter, the Framing Studio is a fully-functional framing workshop. Artists can make frames, cut mats and glass, back their artwork, add bumpers and hanging wire, and leave with a professionally framed painting, print, or photograph.

Weaving Studio

The Weaving Studio gives students the opportunity to create beautiful rugs from old jeans, blankets, and other articles of clothing. Outfitted with six large floor looms and several smaller table looms, the studio is well equipped to meet all our students’ weaving needs. Students can either use the studio by appointment or join a weaving group that meets on arranged dates over the year.

Artist Studio Space

GMI has space available for short-term and long-term rentals. The variety of spaces in the facility may be used for meetings, parties, workshops, fundraisers, classes, etc. Long-term rentals may be used for office space, storage, artist studios, retail businesses, etc. Rental rates vary depending on attendance numbers and usage.

Please contact us to inquire about availabilities.

SEPTEMBER 29 & 30, OCTOBER 1, 2023

As a local non-profit partner of the Meander Art Crawl in Minnesota, GMI is proud to be a part of this exciting celebration of the arts. The Meander Art Crawl is a vibrant showcase of the talented artists and creatives from the Upper Minnesota River Valley region, featuring a diverse array of works in a variety of media, including painting, sculpture, photography, and more.

The event brings together artists and art lovers for a weekend of connection and inspiration, as visitors can explore galleries, studios, and other cultural venues throughout the area. GMI is proud to support this event, which not only celebrates the artistic talent in our community, but also helps to raise awareness about the important role that the arts play in our lives and the importance of supporting local artists and organizations. 

The Meander Art Crawl is a wonderful opportunity for GMI to connect with our community, share our mission and values, and raise awareness about the important work that we do. 

Supporting the greater milan initiative

As a non-profit we rely on donations to support our work and mission 

We are bringing people together to make great things happen 

Community collaboration is fundamental to the work we do

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